[Python-Dev] noob contributions to unit tests

Daniel Wozniak dan at woz.io
Thu Mar 28 18:16:47 CET 2013


During the PyCon sprints I was helping work on unittests in urllib. I 
think as it stands right now urllib/error.py and urllib/parse.py are at 
100% line coverage. I have some additions to urllib/request.py which I 
have yet to submit a patch for (anything above line 700 is covered thus 
far) and I noticed there is a large chunk of code there which has line 
coverage when running tests on OSX. There is a note to refactor that to 
run on all platforms since there is nothing OSX specific in those tests. 
I believe if those tests were running on all platforms it would 
drastically increase line coverage for request.py, assuming your not on 
OSX of coarse. I have not looked at response.py or robotparser.py yet.

Just wanted to give you a little brain dump in case it can save you some 


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