[Python-Dev] PyPy, Jython, & IronPython: Enum convenience function and pickleablity

fwierzbicki at gmail.com fwierzbicki at gmail.com
Thu May 2 22:18:18 CEST 2013

On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 12:07 PM, Ethan Furman <ethan at stoneleaf.us> wrote:
> In order for the Enum convenience function to be pickleable, we have this
> line of code in the metaclass:
>     enum_class.__module__ = sys._getframe(1).f_globals['__name__']
> This works fine for Cpython, but what about the others?
This should work for Jython, but I can't say I like it. I believe
IronPython has a sort of speedup mode that disallows the use of
_getframe, and I'd like to add this to Jython someday.


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