[Python-Dev] _PyString_InsertThousandsGrouping()

Carlos Nepomuceno carlosnepomuceno at outlook.com
Thu May 23 05:53:11 CEST 2013

Hi guys!

Can someone explain to me where in the CPython 2.7.5 source code is _PyString_InsertThousandsGrouping() implemented?

I've found the following declaration in 'Objects/stringobject.c' but it just defines _Py_InsertThousandsGrouping() as _PyString_InsertThousandsGrouping():

"#define _Py_InsertThousandsGrouping _PyString_InsertThousandsGrouping"

I'm looking for the opposite!

I don't even know how that doesn't cause an error! What's the trick?

Besides that I've found a lot of code inside some header files, such as 'Objects/stringlib/formatter.h'.

Why did you chose that way?

Thanks in advance.


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