[Python-Dev] Is pygettext.py deprecated?

martin at v.loewis.de martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Nov 12 05:05:48 CET 2013

Quoting "A.M. Kuchling" <amk at amk.ca>:

> GNU xgettext didn't understand any languages other than C at one time,
> so pygettext.py was written to handle Python code but not C code.

That's not the only reason. Another two reasons are that
a) it works on Windows (for xgettext, you'll have to install Cygwin,
    which some consider a bit heavy - if all you need is xgettext)
b) it comes with Python (interesting on Unix systems that don't come
    with a pre-built xgettext; less relevant now as most Unix systems
    are Linux these days)

I see no real harm done by keeping (and possibly fixing) pygettext.
I also see little harm in removing it, although I guess that some
people might still rely on it.


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