[Python-Dev] The pysandbox project is broken

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 18:34:20 CET 2013

2013/11/15 Trent Nelson <trent at snakebite.org>:
>     This sounds a lot like the work I initially did with PyParallel to
>     try and intercept/prevent parallel threads mutating main-thread
>     objects.
>     I ended up arriving at a much better solution by just relying on
>     memory protection; main thread pages are set read-only prior to
>     parallel threads being able to run.  If a parallel thread attempts
>     to mutate a main thread object; a SEH is raised (SIGSEV on POSIX),
>     which I catch in the ceval loop and convert into an exception.

Read-only is not enough, an attack must not be able to read sensitive data.

Protections of memory pages sound very low-level, so not very portable :-/

How do you know fif SIGSEGV comes from a legal call (parallel thread
thing) or a real bug?


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