[Python-Dev] PEP 428 - pathlib - ready for approval

Eric V. Smith eric at trueblade.com
Wed Nov 20 17:04:43 CET 2013

On 11/20/2013 09:01 AM, Ethan Furman wrote:
> On 11/20/2013 04:25 AM, Garth Bushell wrote:
>> I'm also quite uneasy on the case insensitive comparison on Windows as
>> the File system NTFS is case sensitive.
> No, it's case-preserving.
>> """Current Windows file systems, like NTFS, are case-sensitive; that
>> is a readme.txt and a Readme.txt can exist in the
>> same directory. Windows disallows the user to create a second file
>> differing only in case due to compatibility issues
>> with older software not designed for such operation.""" 
>> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Case_sensitivity)
> I just did some tests on my Win7 NTFS file system and I was unable to
> get two files in the same directory which differed only by case using
> either cmd or explorer.

I think the confusion comes from the difference between what NTFS can do
and what the Win32 (or whatever it's now called) layer allows you to do.
Rumor has it that the old Posix subsystem allowed NTFS to create 2 files
in the same directory that differed only by case.

"Filenames are Case Sensitive on NTFS Volumes"

I realize that for practical purposes, NTFS is seen as case-preserving,
but deep down inside it's case-sensitive.


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