[Python-Dev] PEP 0404 and VS 2010

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Thu Nov 21 01:36:55 CET 2013

Yes Paul,

On 20.11.13 23:15, Paul Moore wrote:
> On 20 November 2013 22:04, Christian Tismer <tismer at stackless.com> wrote:
>> My question is not answered at all, sorry Joao!
>> I did not ask a teacher for his opinion on Stackless, but the community
>> about the
>> validity of pep 404.
>> I don't want a python 2.7 that does not install correctly, because people
>> don't read instructions. And exactly that will happen if I submit a modified
>> python 2.7 to PyPI.
>> This is a topic on Stackless Python, and I am asking python-dev before I do
>> it.
>> But people know this has its limits.
> PEP 404 says there will be no Python 2.8. In my view, If you release
> something named (Stackless) Python 2.8, that seems to me to be pretty
> unfriendly given python-dev's clear intentions. Call it Stackless
> Python 2.7 plus for Visual Studio 2010 if you want, but using the
> version number 2.8 is bound to confuse at least some newcomers about
> the status of the Python 2.x line, and that's what PEP 404 was
> intended to avoid.

I see what you intend, but I am not convinced what's best.

Building a version that is numbered the same as existing versions, but
binary incompatible is IMHO much more confusing that a version 2.8
which clearly says "if you are not 2.8, then you are not compatible".

I am addressing Windows users, and they usually click a version,
and if it doesn't work, they complain.

The reason to go this way _was_ simplicity, moving to an impossible
version, that justifies itself by that impossibility. They would have to
install a whole series of packages, which they all would get from my
site, and it works.

And to repeat: Stackless Python is a slightly different, very compatible 
that has never got approval about being official or compatible.
The reason that I am asking is to minimize the friction that I had to
envision, anyway. It is your chance to minimize that friction by giving
me good reasons to re-think my decision.

But it will happen, soon, in the one or the other way. So please don't 
think I
am begging for something - I am offering something, but it will happen.

Best regards -- Chris

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