[Python-Dev] Accepting PEP 3154 for 3.4?

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 02:23:18 CET 2013

[Alexandre Vassalotti]
> Looking at the different options available to us:
> 1A. Mandatory framing
>       (+) Allows the internal buffering layer of the Unpickler to rely
>           on the presence of framing to simplify its implementation.
>       (-) Forces all implementations of pickle to include support for
>           framing if they want to use the new protocol.
>       (-) Cannot be removed from future versions of the Unpickler
>           without breaking protocols which mandates framing.
> 1B. Optional framing
>       (+) Could allow optimizations to disable framing if beneficial
>           (e.g., when pickling to and unpickling from a string).

Or to slash the size of small pickles (an 8-byte size field can be
more than half the total pickle size).

> 2A. With explicit FRAME opcode
>       (+) Makes optional framing simpler to implement.
>       (+) Makes variable-length encoding of the frame size simpler
>           to implement.
>       (+) Makes framing visible to pickletools.

(+) Adds (a little) redundancy for sanity checking.

>       (-) Adds an extra byte of overhead to each frames.
> 2B. No opcode
> 3A. With fixed 8-bytes headers
>      (+) Is simple to implement
>      (-) Adds overhead to small pickles.
> 3B. With variable-length headers
>      (-) Requires Pickler implemention to do extra data copies when
>          pickling to strings.
> 4A. Framing baked-in the pickle protocol
>      (+) Enables faster implementations
> 4B. Framing through a specialized I/O buffering layer
>      (+) Could be reused by other modules
> I may change my mind as I work on the implementation, but at least for now,
> I think the combination of 1B, 2A, 3A, 4A will be a reasonable compromise
> here.

At this time I'd make the same choices, so don't expect an argument
from me ;-)  Thank you!

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