[Python-Dev] PEP 0404 and VS 2010

Kristján Valur Jónsson kristjan at ccpgames.com
Thu Nov 21 15:16:12 CET 2013

> > For Stackless, neither argument applies because 2.8 work would be done
> > by us and stackless has no particular allegiance towards either version.
> Stackless can release their own Stackless 2.8 if they want, but I don't get why
> CPython would have a 2.8 too.

Oh, this is the misunderstanding.  No one is trying to get permission for "CPython 2.8",
only "Stackless Python 2.8".

The "namespace" question from Christian has to do with a "python28.dll" which would be
built using VS2010, that this would never clash with a CPython version built the
same way.   such clashes would be very unfortunate.

Of course, we could even make a full break, if there will never be a CPython 2.8 (which there won't be)
and call the dll slpython28.dll.



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