[Python-Dev] PEP 0404 and VS 2010

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Fri Nov 22 17:54:46 CET 2013

On 22/11/13 13:47, "Martin v. Löwis" wrote:
> Am 22.11.13 10:00, schrieb Richard Tew:
>> That there are people who would consider using the trademark to force
>> us to change the name we've been using without harm for 14 years,
>> worries me.  It's one thing to perhaps use it to stop someone scamming
>> Python users, and another to suggest using it as a weapon against us
>> for this?  Really?
> Unfortunately, Christian's original question was unclear. If his plan
> had been to release "Python 2.8" (as his original question suggested),
> then he would have faced quite some opposition (and, in a sense,
> releasing a "python28.dll" is quite close to that).

The discussion is over, but I cannot let this comment go through without
citing my original question, again:

> My question
> -----------
> I have created a very clean Python 2.7.6+ based CPython with the 
> Stackless
> additions, that compiles with VS 2010, using the adapted project 
> structure
> of Python 3.3.X, and I want to publish that on the Stackless website 
> as the
> official "Stackless Python 2.8". If you consider Stackless as official 
> ;-) .

Can it be that these sentences have morphed into something different
when going out to the mailing list? Or maybe there is a filter in the 
If one removes the word "Stackless" everywhere, the above text reads
still almost syntactic correctly, but changes it's meaning a lot.

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