[Python-Dev] PEP 0404 and VS 2010

Steve Dower Steve.Dower at microsoft.com
Fri Nov 22 19:10:53 CET 2013

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Am 22.11.13 01:58, schrieb Steve Dower:
>> I'm happy to work on a PEP and changes for what I described above, if
>> there's enough interest? I can also update distutils to detect and
>> build with any available compiler, though this may be more of a
>> feature than we'd want for 2.7 at this point.
> I don't think a PEP is necessary - Guido essentially pre-approved changes needed
> to make Python 2.7 work with newer tools and operating systems.

I'd really want to update distutils.msvc9compiler to detect later versions as well, since that would make 'pip install' work properly for a large (majority?) of users for a large (majority?) of packages with extension modules. Some may consider this PEP-worthy (or at least worth arguing about), though I'm happy to just contribute a patch. (Not referring to my existing patch for this - I have a far more compatible approach in mind.)

There's probably also value in making the same changes to Python 3.4. The stable ABI is solving a different problem, though it also made it safer to 

I'm also getting in touch with my colleague who currently owns MSVCRT to figure out the full scope of what may happen once we start allowing mismatched versions in the same process. Hopefully there isn't much, but it will certainly be worth writing up somewhere - PEP or developer docs, doesn't really bother me. We may also want to fail builds that use functionality known to conflict - setlocale() comes to mind.
> A patch for this would be appreciated - perhaps you would want to put it into
> your sandbox on hg.python.org.

I don't have a sandbox - how can I get one?

> Regards,
> Martin

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