[Python-Dev] PEP 0404 and VS 2010

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Fri Nov 22 20:12:38 CET 2013

Am 22.11.13 19:10, schrieb Steve Dower:
> I'd really want to update distutils.msvc9compiler to detect later
> versions as well, since that would make 'pip install' work properly
> for a large (majority?) of users for a large (majority?) of packages
> with extension modules. Some may consider this PEP-worthy (or at
> least worth arguing about), though I'm happy to just contribute a
> patch. (Not referring to my existing patch for this - I have a far
> more compatible approach in mind.)

A PEP on 2.7 seems questionable - if this would really need a PEP,
it would be right out (IMO). A PEP would ask for community input,
weighing possibly different design choices.

Instead, I think this needs explicit RM approval, such as any other
borderline bugfix patch. I'd personally support it, including any
distutils change (assuming the changes "look" backwards-compatible) -
but it still would be for Benjamin to rule about it.

> There's probably also value in making the same changes to Python 3.4.

Perhaps. However, Python 3.4 is likely being replaced before VS 2010
ends its life, and people will be more quick to forward-port to 3.5.

> I'm also getting in touch with my colleague who currently owns MSVCRT
> to figure out the full scope of what may happen once we start
> allowing mismatched versions in the same process. 

There used to be an MSDN article about it, but I think it was
incomplete. It mentioned (IIRC) a) locale, b) malloc, c) struct FILE.
Not sure whether it mentioned CRT file handles, and I'm fairly
sure that it didn't mention errno. I also don't think that timezone
issues were mentioned (although there used to be a separate article
about CRT timezones).

So if you can get somebody to compile a complete list, publishing it
as a KB article would certainly be appreciated beyond the Python

>> A patch for this would be appreciated - perhaps you would want to
>> put it into your sandbox on hg.python.org.
> I don't have a sandbox - how can I get one?

You are not a Python committer yet, are you? If you are, go to
hg.python.org/cpython, and invoke the server-side clone. If you
are not - does your company agree if you would become one?

In any case, patches or a clone on bitbucket would work just
as well.


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