[Python-Dev] Offtopic: OpenID Providers

Oleg Broytman phd at phdru.name
Thu Sep 5 20:12:31 CEST 2013

On Thu, Sep 05, 2013 at 07:31:59PM +0200, Jesus Cea <jcea at jcea.es> wrote:
> I just received an email from my OpenID provider, "myOpenID", saying
> that they drop OpenID service next February. I wonder what other
> OpenID providers are used by other python-dev fellows.
> What are you using?. bugs.python.org admins could share some data?
> I agree than OpenID is (quite) dead, but I rather prefer OpenID to use
> user/pass. I have big hopes for Mozilla Persona, looking forward
> Python infrastructure support :).
> PS: I use "http://www.jcea.es/" as my OpenID identity, and I delegate
> the actual service to "myOpenID". I can switch delegation trivially.

   I used to use myOpenID and became my own provider using poit[1].
These days I seldom use OpenID -- there are too few sites that allow
full-featured login with OpenID. The future lies in OAuth 2.0.

1. http://yangman.ca/poit/

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