[Python-Dev] Offtopic: OpenID Providers

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at ochtman.nl
Thu Sep 5 23:05:55 CEST 2013

On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 10:57 PM, Donald Stufft <donald at stufft.io> wrote:
> Not that it changes this statement at all but you wouldn't expect to see a Persona login
> for gmail as persona solves the problem that people don't think of urls as personal
> identifiers by replacing it with emails. So Gmail would be the Persona IdP

And actually you can already trivially login with your GMail account
on any Persona-based Relying Party (that is, a site that uses Persona
to authenticate you). This is because one of the nice parts of the
current implementation of Persona is that Mozilla has implemented
bridges that allow GMail and Yahoo addresses to be authenticated via
their respective OAuth implementations, such that you don't need to
setup an account at Mozilla's fallback IdP (which acts as an Identity
Provider for email addresses that don't currently have an IdP
available to them).



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