[Python-Dev] Best practice for documentation for std lib

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 16:25:52 CEST 2013

On 23 September 2013 00:16, Eli Bendersky <eliben at gmail.com> wrote:
> That's a good point. I would still posit that HTML documentation gets by far
> the most use, but docstrings are definitely important too. One more point in
> favor of either:
> 1. Maintaining both, as tiresome as it is (we try to do this, not always
> successfully, for all stdlib modules).
> 2. autodoc

FWIW, I've generally found *tactical* use of autodoc (i.e. function
and method level usage for cases where the docstrings and prose docs
*were* the same) to be quite effective. Then if there later proved to
value in splitting them for a given case, that's what I would do. It
isn't an all-or-nothing decision.

As Georg noted, we'd have to do some fancy footwork to make sure
autodoc didn't pick up the wrong module versions for the standard
library docs, though.


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