[Python-Dev] Exposing the Android platform existence to Python modules

Akira Li 4kir4.1i at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 12:45:30 CEST 2014

Shiz <hi at shiz.me> writes:

> The most obvious change would be to subprocess.Popen(). The reason a
> generic approach there won't work is also the reason I expect more
> changes might be needed: the Android file system doesn't abide by any
> POSIX file system standards. Its shell isn't located at /bin/sh, but at
> /system/bin/sh. The only directories it provides that are POSIX-standard
> are /dev and /etc, to my knowledge. You could check to see if
> /system/bin/sh exists and use that first, but that would break the
> preferred shell on POSIX systems that happen to have /system for some
> reason or another. In short: the preferred shell on POSIX systems is
> /bin/sh, but on Android it's /system/bin/sh. Simple existence checking
> might break the preferred shell on either. For more specific stdlib
> examples I'd have to check the test suite again.

FYI, /bin/sh is not POSIX, see


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