[Python-Dev] Surely "nullable" is a reasonable name?

Antoine Pitrou antoine at python.org
Mon Aug 4 15:06:36 CEST 2014

Le 04/08/2014 03:35, Stephen Hansen a écrit :
>     Before you say "the term 'nullable' will confuse end users", let me
>     remind you: this is not user-facing.  This is a parameter for an
>     Argument Clinic converter, and will only ever be seen by CPython
>     core developers.  A group which I hope is not so easily confused
> Yet, my lurking observation of argument clinic is it is all about
> clearly defining the C-side of how things are done in Python API's. It
> may not confuse 'end users', but it may confuse possible contributors,
> and simply add a lack of clarity to the situation.

That's a rather good point, and I agree with Stephen here. Even core 
contributors can deserve clarity and the occasional non-confusing 
notation :-)



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