[Python-Dev] Bytes path support

Ben Hoyt benhoyt at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 03:22:12 CEST 2014

>> If scandir is low-level, and the low-level API's are the ones that should
>> support bytes paths, then scandir should support bytes paths.
>> Is that what you meant to say?
> Yes. The discussions around PEP 471 *deferred* discussions of bytes
> and file descriptor support to their own RFEs (not needing a PEP),
> they didn't decide definitively not to support them. So Serhiy's
> thread is entirely pertinent to that question.
> Note that adding bytes support still *should not* hold up the initial
> PEP 471 implementation - it should be done as a follow on RFE.

I agree with this (that scandir is low level and should support
bytes). As it happens, I'm implementing bytes support as well -- what
with the path_t support in posixmodule.c and the listdir
implementation to go on, it's not really any harder. So I think we'll
have it right off the bat.

BTW, the Windows implementation of PEP 471 is basically done, and the
POSIX implementation is written but not working yet. And then there's
tests and docs.


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