[Python-Dev] The docstring hack for signature information has to go

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Tue Feb 4 10:41:15 CET 2014

Am 04.02.2014 10:12, schrieb Larry Hastings:

> If you won't let me have a flag, can I at least have a more-clever marker?  How
> about this:
>     <name-of-function>(...)\n \n
> Yes, the last four characters are right-parenthesis, newline, space, and
> newline.  Benefits:
>   * The odds of finding *that* in the wild seem remote.
>   * If this got displayed as help in 3.3 the user would never notice the space.

Clever, but due to the "hidden" space it also increases the frustration factor
for people trying to find out "why is this accepted as a signature and not this".

I don't think a well-chosen visible separator is worse off, such as "--\n".


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