[Python-Dev] __doc__ regression

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Tue Feb 4 13:17:59 CET 2014


Following the previous clinic thread, I realize that the latest
signature improvements actually entail a regression in __doc__.

$ ./python -c "print(dict.fromkeys.__doc__)"
Returns a new dict with keys from iterable and values equal to value.

$ python3.3 -c "print(dict.fromkeys.__doc__)"
dict.fromkeys(S[,v]) ->
New dict with keys from S and values equal to v. v defaults to None.

As you see the signature string has vanished from the __doc__ contents.
This means that any tool directly processing __doc__ attributes to
generate (e.g.) automatic API docs will produce less useful docs.

I think the signature should be restored, and a smarter way of
reconciling __doc__ and the signature for help() should be found.



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