[Python-Dev] __doc__ regression

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Tue Feb 4 18:34:34 CET 2014

Am 04.02.2014 14:19, schrieb Victor Stinner:
> 2014-02-04 Larry Hastings <larry at hastings.org>:
>> Why couldn't these tools use inspect.Signature?
> inspect.Signature was added in Python 3.3. Python 2 is still widely
> used, and some Linux distro only provide Python 3.2.

Well, Python 2 won't be able to introspect C modules written and
compiled for Python 3.x anyway.

And __text_signature__ can be used by any Python 3.x with no loss of
expressivity (handling strings in both cases).


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