[Python-Dev] Getting Introduced with the Community and Looking forward to Contribute to the Project as part of Gsoc 2014

Nitika nitikaagarwal18 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 9 17:34:56 CET 2014


Firstly I, Nitika would like to introduce myself to the developers of this
commmunity. I am
currently pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at Netaji Subhash
Institute of Technology
INDIA. I have been following the discussions on the mailing list for past
few months. I had got
an indepth knowledge of the tools used for the development of open source

My skills include Programming languages: GNU C/C++, Python, Javascript,
Version control
systems Git/Github and SVN. I am also aware with many of the web
development application
tools and content management systems. I am an ambitous person willing to
learn other
technologies when need in future.

I choose this organisation for the contribution as the work the community
does looks very
appealing and interesting to me and useful for the whole community. The
skills used by the
organisation for the development of open source software matches with my
skills to much

I had installed the required necessary tools and setup the environment in
my system needed
for the contribution to open source software. I had got myself aware of the
source to some
extent and had forked on my github account. I had also read the
contribution, development
tutorial on the community webpage.

I would like to seek the mentors help in the selection of the project for
which the idea has
been proposed for the Gsoc and someone is willing to mentor the project

I will highly appreciate with any kind of help, guidance from the mentors
to help me move
forward to contribute to the software starting off with some easy tasks and
then moving
levels higher so as to make a strong proposal for the upcoming Google
Summer of
Code 2014.

[1] Github : https://github.com/NitikaAgarwal
[2] IRC : nitika18

*--Nitika Agarwal*
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