[Python-Dev] MSI installer won't install on WinXP-SP2 (was Re: [RELEASED] Python 3.4.0 release candidate 1)

Bob Hanson d2mp1a9 at newsguy.com
Wed Feb 12 19:03:26 CET 2014

TL;DR: Solved. Thanks, Victor, for prodding me to jump through
all those Windows hoops. ;-)

[More comments interleaved below:]

On Wed, 12 Feb 2014 18:15:43 +0100, Victor Stinner wrote:

> 2014-02-12 18:10 GMT+01:00 Bob Hanson <d2mp1a9 at newsguy.com>:
> By the way, why not upgrading to SP3? :-)

Lots of reasons. One, though, IIRC, MS does not allow downloads
of such anymore. 

(More importantly to me, I don't like the EULA for SP3+ and don't
want to implicitly agree to it.)

> I read that you installed the beta2 before. You should maybe make sure
> that Python 3.4 beta 2 has been fully uninstalled. Why did you remove
> the directory manually? Why not uninstall using the Control Panel?

'Twas long years of fighting with the Add/Remove Programs applet
when working with Python and other OSS which made me do the
"naughty" thing today. In my experience, particularly if one has
third-party packages installed by a variety of means, the Control
Panel applet often screws things up royally when "removing"

(Also, I'd just read about Terry's install problems -- usually, I
just install overtop the prior version and the MSI installer does
the right thing. Today, though, with the above paragraph in mind,
and with Terry's problems, I just decided to "shortcut" things.)

Following Victor's questioning, I put the dir back, went to CP
and did the Add/Remove thing, and then reinstalled rc1 and it

Perhaps a caution in the docs (release notes?) or some such
should be added -- as far as I know, I used to be able to delete
Python dirs with abandon before installing a different version.

It *does* seem that Python and Windows is becoming a sadder story
-- I know, use Linux. :-) 

Meanwhile, my main Python remains 2.5.4 -- a very good vintage.

Anyway, thanks again, Victor, for encouraging me to do the
obstacle course yet again. :-)

Bob Hanson

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