[Python-Dev] CPython Google Summer of Code mentors needed: deadline is tomorrow

Jessica McKellar jessica.mckellar at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 17:08:23 CET 2014

Hi folks,

Terri Oda's original message to this list about CPython's participation in
Google Summer of Code 2014 is at the end of this email.

If you'd like to see CPython participate in Google Summer of Code 2014, we
need* at least 2 people* to say they are interested in mentoring by the end
of today, February 13th.

*Are you interested in mentoring? Please speak up!*

This is not a binding commitment; this is just a statement of interest. As
a previous GSoC mentor, I'd say the time commitment is around 10 hours /
week per student, and this is best split across 2 mentors.


The current umbrella project pages:

Last year's umbrella project pages:

Last year's CPython project ideas:



Terri's original message:

For anyone who completely isn't familiar with this: Google Summer of Code
is a program where Google pays students to work on open source projects for
the summer. The motto goes: "Flip bits, not burgers." Google Summer of Code
applications are open for mentoring organizations, and I've already put in
Python's application. You can get more info here:


What I'd like to know is if anyone's got any good ideas for core python
projects this year and are interested in mentoring. We always have lots of
students who'd like to work on Python, but right now we don't have any
mentors who are available and interested in helping students make
contributions to the language (We do, however, have mentors for various
python sub-projects).

Let me know if this might be interesting to you. I'm happy to answer any
questions, and I've got experienced mentors who aren't core python devs but
who'd be willing to pair up so you wouldn't have to go it alone, just let
me know!


PS - I'm also looking for new sub-projects and other mentors -- just ask if
you want to take part this year!
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