[Python-Dev] Possible major bug with zipimport on Windows in Python 3.3.4

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Sun Feb 16 23:02:55 CET 2014

Am 16.02.2014 21:14, schrieb Terry Reedy:
> On 2/16/2014 2:52 PM, Serhiy Storchaka wrote:
>> 16.02.14 10:19, Georg Brandl написав(ла):
>>> As soon as a patch has been provided and tested, I will make a schedule
>>> for 3.3.5 including the fix.  Until then, using 3.3.3 is probably the
>>> best solution.
>> Then could you please include the fix for #20538 (this bug allows easily
>> crash Python e.g. by special HTTP request or e-mail). And I think it is
>> very important to port the fix for #19619. Simple patch for #17671 fixes
>> other crash (less important, because can be triggered only by
>> programming error).
> A 3.3.5 should have all the bugfixes committed before the candidate release.

Exactly.  If these are all committed by the rc (only #19619 is missing AFAICT),
they will go in.

The 3.3.5 rc will be released next weekend, Feb 22th, and the final (if nothing
else comes up) on Mar 1st.


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