[Python-Dev] Preview of 3.4 rc2 (so far) is up

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Wed Feb 19 05:03:31 CET 2014

The URL has changed slightly.  Please go here:


You'll notice two things:

  * a "merge.status.html" file, which shows you the list of revisions
    that I've cherry-picked after rc1.
  * a tarball containing the resulting source tree.

As I cherry-pick more revisions, I'll add new tarballs and update the 
merge status.

For the record, I've passed over only two requested cherry-pick 
revisions so far:

    select and kqueue round the timeout aways from zero

    improve Enum subclass behavior

I haven't rejected them, I just want more review.  If you'd like to see 
these changes get cherry-picked for 3.4.0 rc2 (and final) please review 
them or convince someone else to contribute a review.

Only thirty cherry-picked revisions so far.  Gosh, you're making my life 
easy, guys,

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