[Python-Dev] Python 3.4: Cherry-picking into rc2 and final

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Wed Feb 19 10:42:44 CET 2014

Am 19.02.2014 00:54, schrieb Barry Warsaw:
> On Feb 19, 2014, at 12:38 AM, Matthias Klose wrote:
>>Am 17.02.2014 00:25, schrieb Larry Hastings:
>>> And my local branch will remain private until 3.4.0 final ships!
>>sorry, but this is so wrong. Is there *any* reason why to keep this branch
> IMO, no.  read-only for !larry sure, but not private.

I emphatically agree.  There is no need at all for secrecy, or paranoia.

And it is very understandable that vendors (or even "just" our binary
building experts) want to make as many tests with what will be RC2 and
then final as they can, to catch possible issues before release.


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