[Python-Dev] Second preview of 3.4.0rc2 is up

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Thu Feb 20 22:00:59 CET 2014

This time I was a lot more careful about Misc/NEWS items.  The graft 
process likes to link in improper changes.  So every time I have a graft 
merge collision, I now recheck what the revision I'm merging has done, 
and I only keep Misc/NEWS entries that are relevant.

I just realized that I based the 3.4 branch on the wrong revision. I had 
used the last revision before I started tagging 3.4.0rc1 ( 6343bdbb7085) 
when I should be using the last revision in 3.4.0rc1 before merging back 
into trunk ( e64ae8b82672).  So I get to do it all over from scratch, 
*again*, for the next attempt.  Hooray!

You can find the current status and a fresh tarball here:


Good luck,

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