[Python-Dev] GSoC 2014 - Email Module

Surya kasturisurya at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 02:56:38 CET 2014

Hey there,

I am Surya, studying final year of Engineering.  I have looked into Core
Python's ideas list and got interested in Email module.

I've been working on Django over the past few years, and now like to work
on slightly a different layer of protocols and this idea happened to be it.

That said, I have been just using the Email module earlier along with other
similar modules and never dwell into the internal protocol standards before.

It would be great if someone initially can let me know what documentation I
should start reading to get up to the speed and probably bugs related to
this idea I can look into.

Also, I am looking forward to talk about the project with the mentor!

Surya <https://surya-k.appspot.com>
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