[Python-Dev] Poll: Py_REPLACE/Py_ASSIGN/etc

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Fri Feb 28 09:56:11 CET 2014

On 02/26/2014 11:13 PM, Georg Brandl wrote:
> Am 26.02.2014 17:09, schrieb Ryan Gonzalez:
>> I like Py_DECREF_REPLACE. It gives the impression that it decrefs the original
>> and replaces it.
> Agreed, most other suggestions are not really explicit enough.

+1 from me too.  When I saw Py_SETREF I thought, oh, it sets the thing 
and increfs it.

FWIW this vote is just on the name.  I haven't stared at the whole 
Py_REPLACE idea enough to have an opinion about whether or not to use 
it.  But if we use it I'm +1 on Py_DECREF_REPLACE.

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