[Python-Dev] [RELEASED] Python 3.4.0b2

Bob Hanson d2mp1a9 at newsguy.com
Mon Jan 6 04:32:15 CET 2014

On Sun, 5 Jan 2014 21:09:53 -0600, Tim Peters wrote:

> [Bob Hanson]
> > Forgive me, but I'm an old man with very poor vision. Using my
> > magnifying glass, I see it is two very long URLs ending with
> > something like after the blah-blah: < ... akametechnology.com>
> >
> > More precisely, these two IP addresses:
> >
> >
> So:
> C:\Code>ping -a
> Pinging a23-59-190-113.deploy.static.akamaitechnologies.com
> [] with 32 bytes of data:
> [...]
> So it's just Akamai caching content.  Common as mud.  Can't say
> specifically what was being cached, but it _could_ be that your ISP
> contracts with Akamai.

Still not following *why* this should be happening. I was
installing from my harddrive -- nothing needed to be cached as
far as I was concerned. Indeed, I would normally think I could
install while offline -- and often do on my PCs which are

Still wondering why, all of a sudden after years of using a
firewalled msiexec.exe, I get it now trying to connect out while
installing 3.4.0b2 from my harddrive...?

> > > My firewall didn't complain when I installed 3.4.0b2 on Windows.
> > I don't use the Windows firewall, and I have mine sent to block
> > all apps connecting in or out unless I make specific rules for
> > them. I have never authorized C:/Windows/System32/msiexec.exe to
> > connect in or out (and it didn't ;-) ).
> Same here on both counts.  We're getting nowhere with admirable speed ;-)

So, we just need to make some distance -- our speed is good? ;-)

Less non-seriously, thanks for all the help, Tim (and others) --

Bob Hanson

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