[Python-Dev] General Q&A regarding Python 3, adoption etc.

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 00:16:10 CET 2014

For anyone that isn't already aware, I wrote a Q & A about Python 3 last
year (in response to an article about how we should have fixed the GIL
instead of Unicode), and I've updated it extensively over the past several
days due to Alex's misunderstanding of the objectives for Python 3.4 as
well as Armin's latest piece on the increased difficulties in writing wire
protocol handling code.

The two main additions I currently have planned are a question specifically
about the state of the WSGI protocol (it works, but it an error prone way),
as well as one on what I'd like to see as the next steps in encouraging
Python 3 adoption now that we're within 18 months of the planned date for
2.7 to enter security fix only mode (which involve encouraging community
workshops to switch to teaching Python 3.4 initially, with Python 2.7 as an
optional follow up, helping Ubuntu & Fedora with their transitions to Py3
by default, bringing 3.5 closer to parity with Python 2 for wire protocol
development, and, on the Red Hat/Fedora side, helping to encourage the
adoption of software collections as a mechanism for decoupling the runtime
for Python applications from the system Python on RHEL 6 and its

I thought I mentioned it on this list last year when I first wrote it, but
some messages I've seen recently suggest many folks haven't seen it before.

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