[Python-Dev] Python3 "complexity" (was RFC: PEP 460: Add bytes...)

Daniel Holth dholth at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 15:03:40 CET 2014

So the customer you're looking for is the person who cares a lot about
encodings, knows how to do Unicode correctly, and has noticed that
certain valid cases not limited to imperialist simpletons (dealing
with specific common things invented before 1996, dealing with mixed
encodings, doing what Nick describes as "ASCII compatible binary
protocols") are *more complicated to do correctly* in Python 3 because
Python 3 undeniably has more complicated though probably better
*Unicode* support. N.b. WSGI, email, url parsing etc. The same person
loves Python, all the other Python 3 features, and probably you
personally, but mostly does not write programs in the domains that
Python 3 makes easier. They emphatically do not want the Python 2
model especially not implicit coercion. They only want additional
tools for text or string processing in Python 3.

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