[Python-Dev] Binding problem

Rob Ward rl.ward at bigpond.com
Wed Jan 15 01:53:05 CET 2014

I apologise if I have come to the wrong place here, but 12hrs searching, plus experimenting,  on the WWW for advice on it has not yielded any successful advice to resolve the issue.

I am am having trouble binding an Entry widget to <Return>

Here is the snippet (butCol is a Frame widget to put buttons,labels and text entry down LHS)

KS1.set("Key is ??")
butCol.ks1       =Label(butCol,textvariable=KS1).grid(column=0,row=18,sticky=(N,W))

myKey = [0,2,4,5,7,9,11] #Begin in the key of C
KS2       =StringVar()
butCol.ks2       =Entry(butCol,width=20,textvariable=KS2).grid(column=0,row=19,sticky=(N,W))

The above lines all render correctly, but will not trigger off "entry" of data at all on <Return>

Adding the following line just crashes. 


I downloaded the Python 3 package from the recommended site last week to begin this project (it was previously working OK in Skulptor, but I was not prepared to develop it any further in that environment, though it was an excellent starting environment).  So I believe the Python language installed is up todate.  I have not previously installed Python so it should be "clean".

If you could give any direct advice I would be very grateful or if you can direct me to your best "forum" site maybe I could use that.

One overall observation that has frustrated me is how toi search for information that relates to Python3 and the latest tkinter modules.  I kept finding old python or old Tkinter or combinations of both.  Wrorking my way through this was very time consuming and rarely productive.  Is there any advice on how to get the "latest" information off the WWW?

Cheers, Rob Ward

PS In my state of eternal optimism I have attached the whole file :-)

PPS I have done some OOP in the past but not keen to jump in at the moment.
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