[Python-Dev] Closing the Clinic output format debate (at least for now)

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Thu Jan 16 21:13:20 CET 2014

The current tally of votes, by order of popularity:

    Side file: +6
    Buffer: +1.5
    Multiple buffers, Modified buffer, Forward buffer: +1
    Original: -5

However, as stated, support for "side files" will not go in unless Guido 
explicitly states that it's okay with him.  He has not. Therefore it's 
not going in.  If you want this feature, take it up with our BDFL.  I 
feel my hands are tied.

Second-best is all the buffer approaches, collectively.  Since there was 
no clear winner, I'm going to make the new default the "modified buffer" 
approach, as that's the only one that does not require rearranging your 
code to use.  However, to encourage continued experimentation, I'm going 
to leave in the configurability (at least for now), so people can keep 
experimenting.  Maybe we'll find something in the future that's a clear 
new favorite.

As a stretch goal, I'd like to also add Zachary Ware's proposed 
"forward" buffer, as a further concession to experimentation.  It 
shouldn't be too messy, but if it gets out of hand I'll back out of it.

Finally, I'm going to add support for "presets" so you can switch 
between original / modified buffer / buffer / forward buffer with just 
one statement.  (Multiple buffers doesn't need a different preset.)

I'll also keep the line prefix (and add a line suffix too) and see if a 
prefix of "/*clinic*/" helps.

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