[Python-Dev] Migration from Python 2.7 and bytes formatting

Ryan Gonzalez rymg19 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 21:10:40 CET 2014

A command line parameter??

The annoying part would be telling every single user to call Python with a
certain argument and hope they read the README.

If it's a library, out of the question.

If it's a program, well, I hope your users read READMEs.

On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 4:49 AM, Neil Schemenauer <nas at arctrix.com> wrote:

> As I see it, there are two separate goals in adding formatting
> methods to bytes.  One is to make it easier to write new programs
> that manipulate byte data.  Another is to make it easier to upgrade
> Python 2.x programs to Python 3.x.  Here is an idea to better
> address these separate goals.
> Introduce %-interpolation for bytes.  Support the following format
> codes to aid in writing new code:
>     %b: insert arbitrary bytes (via __bytes__ or Py_buffer)
>     %[dox]: insert an integer, encoded as ASCII
>     %[eEfFgG]: insert a float, encoded as ASCII
>     %a: call ascii(), insert result
> Add a command-line option, disabled by default, that enables the
> following format codes:
>     %s: if the object has __bytes__ or Py_buffer then insert it.
>         Otherwise, call str() and encode with the 'ascii' codec
>     %r: call repr(), encode with the 'ascii' codec
>     %[iuX]: as per Python 2.x, for backwards compatibility
> Introducing these extra codes and the command-line option will
> provide a more gradual upgrade path.  The next step in porting could
> be to examine each %s inside bytes literals and decide if they
> should either be converted to %b or if the literal should be
> converted to a unicode literal.  Any %r codes could likely be safely
> changed to %a.
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