[Python-Dev] Migration from Python 2.7 and bytes formatting

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Jan 18 05:11:09 CET 2014

Neil Schemenauer writes:

 > I'd like to try porting code making use of the -2 feature to see how
 > helpful it is.  The behavior is partway between Python 2.x laziness
 > and Python 3.x strictness in terms of specifying encodings.
 > Python 2.x:
 > [...]
 > Python 3.x:
 > [...]

The above are descriptions of current behavior (ie, unchanged by PEPs
460, 461), and this:

 > Python 3.x with -2 command-line option:
 >     - when objects are formatted into bytes, immediately
 >       encode them using strict ASCII encoding.

is the content of this proposal, is that right?

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