[Python-Dev] .clinic.c vs .c.clinic

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Mon Jan 20 23:51:36 CET 2014

Am 20.01.2014 22:47, schrieb Ethan Furman:

>>> Won't AC put those macros in the source file for you?
>> No, currently it wouldn't know where to look.  And that's a good thing
>> because AC never should modify anything not inbetween "clinic start
>> generated code" and "clinic end generated code".
> So, if I understand correctly, by moving into a sidefile approach, we will
> have go to a two-pass system?  Once to ACify the file and run Argument
> Clinic on it, and then again to add in the macros?

No. It is completely the same as in the current all-in-one-file approach.

> Is this basically the same as it was with the buffer approach?

It's the same as it always was.


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