[Python-Dev] str.rreplace

Chris Angelico rosuav at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 18:46:39 CET 2014

On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 4:19 AM, Ram Rachum <ram at rachum.com> wrote:
> I now looked at the 17 most recent python-list threads. Out of them:
>  - 58% are about third-party packages.
>  - 17% are off-topic (not even programming related)
>  - 11% are 2-vs-3 discussions
>  - 5% are job offers.
>  - 5% (which is just one thread out of 17) is about Python the language.

My analysis here is based on what I see arriving in Gmail, so some of
them may have been dropped into spam. But these are the threads with
the most recent posts:

"The potential for a Python 2.8" - discussing the language, though the
last few posts drifted off into numeric jokes (also fun).
"Class and instance related questions" - short thread but completely
on topic (so far)
"Python declarative" - not all the code shown has been Python, and a
lot of the discussion centers around alternatives like XML and JSON,
but it's definitely focused on Python
"datetime as subclass of date" - on topic
"Can post a code but afraid of plagiarism" - haven't been following
it, but last I saw it was on topic
"Elementree and insert new element if it is not present" - might count
as discussion of a separate module, I guess
"generate De Bruijn sequence memory and string vs lists" - all about
how to do it in Python, looks on topic to me
"Need Help with Programming Science Project" - the OP never said that
the program was to be in Python, but if we assume that, it's
completely on topic

Further down than that we have a few about SQLite, which Python comes
with, and an announcement of a new version of Dipy. Far as I can see,
that's only two threads that are truly about third-party modules (that
and lxml). Yes, there's some noise on the list, but it's not as bad as
16/17ths of the threads.

Maybe you're reading it in some way other than the mailing list, and
it accrues more noise?


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