[Python-Dev] Remaining decisions on PEP 471 -- os.scandir()

Ethan Furman ethan at stoneleaf.us
Mon Jul 14 06:52:37 CEST 2014

On 07/13/2014 05:33 PM, Ben Hoyt wrote:
> On the recent python-dev thread, Victor especially made some well
> thought out suggestions. It seems to me there's general agreement that
> the basic API in PEP 471 is good (with Ethan not a fan at first, but
> it seems he's on board after further discussion :-).

I would still like to have 'info' and 'onerror' added to the basic API, but I agree that having methods and caching on 
first lookup is good.

> That said, I think there's basically one thing remaining to decide:
> whether or not to have DirEntry.is_dir() and .is_file() follow
> symlinks by default.

We should have a flag for that, and default it to False:

   scandir(path, *, followlinks=False, info=None, onerror=None)


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