[Python-Dev] == on object tests identity in 3.x - list delegation to members?

Andreas Maier andreas.r.maier at gmx.de
Mon Jul 14 07:33:46 CEST 2014

Am 14.07.2014 04:55, schrieb Ethan Furman:
> On 07/13/2014 08:13 AM, Andreas Maier wrote:
>> Test #8: Same object of class C
>>     (C.__eq__() implemented with equality of x,
>>      C.__ne__() returning NotImplemented):
>>    obj1: type=<class '__main__.C'>, str=C(256), id=39406504
>>    obj2: type=<class '__main__.C'>, str=C(256), id=39406504
>>    a) obj1 is obj2: True
>> C.__eq__(): self=39406504, other=39406504, returning True
> This is interesting/weird/odd -- why is __eq__ being called for an 'is'
> test?

The debug messages are printed before the result is printed. So this is 
the debug message for the next case, 8.b).

Sorry for not explaining it.


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