[Python-Dev] cpython: Issue #22003: When initialized from a bytes object, io.BytesIO() now

dw+python-dev at python.org dw+python-dev at python.org
Wed Jul 30 11:46:30 CEST 2014

Hi Serhiy,

At least conceptually, 15381 seems the better approach, but getting a
correct implementation may take more iterations than the (IMHO) simpler
change in 22003. For my tastes, the current 15381 implementation seems a
little too magical in relying on Py_REFCNT() as the sole indication that
a PyBytes can be mutated.

For the sake of haste, 22003 only addresses the specific regression
introduced in Python 3.x BytesIO, compared to 2.x StringI, where 3.x
lacked an equivalent no-copies specialization.


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