[Python-Dev] Internal representation of strings and Micropython

Paul Sokolovsky pmiscml at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 12:15:31 CEST 2014


On Thu, 5 Jun 2014 22:38:13 +1000
Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 5 June 2014 22:10, Stefan Krah <stefan at bytereef.org> wrote:
> > Paul Sokolovsky <pmiscml at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> In this regard, I'm glad to participate in mind-resetting
> >> discussion. So, let's reiterate - there's nothing like "the best",
> >> "the only right", "the only correct", "righter than", "more
> >> correct than" in CPython's implementation of Unicode storage. It
> >> is *arbitrary*. Well, sure, it's not arbitrary, but based on
> >> requirements, and these requirements match CPython's (implied)
> >> usage model well enough. But among all possible sets of
> >> requirements, CPython's requirements are no more valid that other
> >> possible. And other set of requirement fairly clearly lead to
> >> situation where CPython implementation is rejected as not correct
> >> for those requirements at all.
> >
> > Several core-devs have said that using UTF-8 for MicroPython is
> > perfectly okay. I also think it's the right choice and I hope that
> > you guys come up with a very efficient implementation.
> Based on this discussion , I've also posted a draft patch aimed at
> clarifying the relevant aspects of the data model section of the
> language reference (http://bugs.python.org/issue21667).

Thanks, it's very much appreciated. Though, the discussion there opened
another can of worms. I'm sorry if I was somehow related to that, my
bringing in the formal language spec was more a rhetorical figure, a
response to people claiming O(1) requirement. So, it either should be
in spec, or spec should be treated as such - something not specified
means it's underspecified and implementation-dependent. I'm glad that
the last point now explicitly pronounced by BDFL in the last comment
of that ticket (http://bugs.python.org/issue21667#msg219824)

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> Nick.
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