[Python-Dev] Move selected documentation repos to PSF BitBucket account?

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 13:36:26 CET 2014

For those that aren't aware, PEP 474 is a PEP I wrote a while back
suggesting we set up a "forge.python.org" service that provides easier
management of Mercurial repos that don't have the complex branching
requirements of the main CPython repo. Think repos like the PEPs repo,
or the developer guide repo.

The primary objective of the PEP is to enable an online editing + pull
request style workflow for these pure documentation projects that only
have a single active branch.

I'd been taking "must be hosted in PSF infrastructure" as a hard
requirement, but MAL pointed out earlier this evening that in the age
of DVCS's, that requirement may not make sense: if you avoid tightly
coupling your automation to a particular DVCS host's infrastructure,
then reverting back to self-hosting (if that becomes necessary for
some reason) is mostly just a matter of "hg push".

If that "must be self-hosted" constraint is removed, then the obvious
candidate for Mercurial hosting that supports online editing + pull
requests is the PSF's BitBucket account.

There'd still be some work in such a change to make sure we didn't
break automated regeneration of associated site elements, but that's
still a lot simpler than adding an entirely new piece of

If folks are amenable to that variant of the idea, I'll undefer PEP
474 and revise it accordingly, with the developer guide and the PEP's
repo as the initially proposed candidates for transfer.


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