[Python-Dev] mUTF-7 support?

Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Fri Oct 10 00:47:46 CEST 2014

I miss mUTF-7 support (as used to encode IMAP4 mailbox names) in Python,
in the codecs module. As an european with a language with 27 different
letters (instead of english 26), tildes, opening question marks, etc., I
find it very inconvenient.

This encoding is used basically only in IMAP4, I know. But IMAP4 is an
important protocol and all projects related to it needs mUTF-7 support
if they care about non-english alphabets. Everybody has already an
implementation, waste of effort.

We already support quite amusing encodings in

What do you think?. Could be considered for Python 3.5?.

I volunteer for the job, of course.

PS: Do you think a Python implementation would be good enough?. I don't
think this need to be C-fast.

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