[Python-Dev] Impact of Windows PowerShell OneGet ?

Glenn Linderman v+python at g.nevcal.com
Wed Oct 29 20:34:59 CET 2014

New package manager from M$... article here 

It seems doubtful that M$ will eliminate .msi (their obscure, hard to 
configure and use, installation format), so it seems doubtful that the 
addition of OneGet will _force_ any changes to Python packaging.

However, it does open the question in my mind about whether there will 
be any _benefits_ of OneGet that would inspire helpful, useful changes 
to Python packaging. They speak of "trusted repositories", and the like, 
and it sounds like a the various *nix package managers (apt-get, et 
alia), but perhaps allowing multiple repositories rather than just a 
single source vendor repository (I'm actually not sure if *nix package 
managers allow multiple repositories or not, but from the way people 
talk about them, it always sounds like a "distribution" also provides "a 
repository" of additional packages).

"trusted repositories" sounds more like Perl's CPAN.

One of the links 
contains this quote: "This first version of OneGet installs and searches 
software from Chocolatey repositories.  Support of additional 
repositories will come in subsequent versions."

I have no clue what a Chocolatey repository is (yet, will Google), but 
unknown others will come, it says... whether it is possible to write a 
"repository plugin" such that Perl's CPAN or Python's PyPI or other 
preexisting repositories can be accessed is not clear.

The relationship between PowerShell and OneGet is not clear either... is 
OneGet written in PowerShell, or is PowerShell just one way to invoke 
OneGet, or???

Just a heads up.

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