[Python-Dev] cpython and parallel make

Jonas Wagner jonas.wagner at epfl.ch
Fri Sep 5 12:15:15 CEST 2014

>> > Would people be interested in having a parallel version?
>> See http://bugs.python.org/issue5309
> Cool! I'll look into this.

The patch there works well for me. I've made one small update, and
submitted the new version in the bug tracker.

Regarding the other build problem, I might have found some hint:
- Parser/pgen.o ends up in both the PARSER_OBJS and PGENOBJS variables
in the Makefile
- PARSER_OBJS is depended upon in a few places, hence it could be that
make starts to build Parser/pgen.o
- PGENOBJS is built when building PGEN, which happens *in a different
make that is called recursively*

I think the culprit is the rule for GRAMMAR_H which calls make
recursively. Is there a reason that GRAMMAR_H has to generate PGEN
like this? Couldn't it just depend on PGEN?


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