[Python-Dev] 3.5 release schedule PEP

Steve Dower Steve.Dower at microsoft.com
Tue Sep 23 19:05:38 CEST 2014

Larry Hastings wrote:
> On 09/19/2014 03:31 PM, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> I think we need a Python 3.5 Release Schedule PEP.
> Just checked it in as PEP 478.  It should show up here in a few minutes:
> http://legacy.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0478/
> Key facts:
> . Beta 1 is May 24th 2015, about a month after the end of the PyCon US 2015 sprints.
> . Final release is September 13, 2015, just over a year from now.
> Comments?

Martin is no longer producing the Windows installers - that task has been handed to me. I'm planning to have a rewritten installer (also in the same repo) that should be easier to modify and maintain, as well as being able to produce alternative packages (such as a Python 3.5 or stdlib merge module, for example), though that doesn't necessarily need to go into the PEP.

I'm also considering/experimenting with installing into "Program Files" by default, but I suspect that isn't going to work out yet.

I'd like to move the Windows versions onto the next release of VC (currently "VC 14" until the branding team figures out what to call it). There isn't a promised RTM date for VC 14 yet, so it looks like the best available compiler by Beta 1 will be a "Go Live" RC. (The "Go Live" marking basically means "we think this is ready for use, but expect a round of minor updates/fixes soon - the compiler is least likely to be updated, my guess is that it'll be Visual Studio UI mostly).

I personally don't have any qualms about using the RC compiler for Beta 1, and Beta 2 will almost certainly use VC 14 RTM, but I know when I proposed this topic that some people were concerned about having the final version available for Python 3.5 Beta. 

So far I've been building regularly with internal versions of VC and haven't been hitting any major issues with Python (OpenSSL has some issues, but I've been filing bugs on both sides so they should be worked out soon enough). My work is at http://hg.python.org/sandbox/steve.dower (branch: VC14) for anyone interested.

For the alphas, I'm contemplating producing two builds (VC 10 and VC 14), but I obviously want to settle on one or the other by Beta. Last time we discussed it, there was strong support for changing compiler, but I have a better idea of the timeline now and it's tighter than I thought...

Thoughts, anyone?


> /arry

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