[Python-Dev] 3.5 release schedule PEP

Mike Miller python-dev at mgmiller.net
Thu Sep 25 03:56:05 CEST 2014

Yes, we enable the compile script.

As we require admin rights to install Python and system (not user) modules with 
pip, the stdlib .pycs do get created under ProgramFiles at install time.

There might well be a situation where a system pipped module doesn't get 
compiled, but to be honest the difference is negligible on modern machines, 
those needed to run a supported Windows.

I suppose this issue could be improved in the future by caching unwritable 
system .pyc in a user folder, however it feels like a micro-optimization that 
shouldn't hold up the change.


On 09/25/2014 09:29 AM, Steve Dower wrote:
> As a slight aside, do you enable the option to compile PYC/PYO files on install? Unless your users are running as admin, you won't get caching on these for the stdlib when it's installed into Program Files.
> Cheers,
> Steve
>> -Mike

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