[Python-Dev] updating ensurepip to include wheel

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 01:29:49 CEST 2015

Le 5 août 2015 17:12, "Nick Coghlan" <ncoghlan at gmail.com> a écrit :
> A hard dependency on wheel wouldn't fit into the same category - when
> folks are using a build pipeline to minimise the installation
> footprint on production systems, the wheel package itself has no
> business being installed anywhere other than developer systems and
> build servers.

I'm quite sure that virtualenv is used to deploy python on production.

Pip 7 automatically creates wheel packages when no build wheel package is
available on PyPI. Examples numpy and any pure python package only
providing a tarball.

For me it makes sense to embed wheel in ensurepip and to install wheel on
production systems (to install pacakes, not to build them).

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